Computer Programs & Teaching Aids


This is one of our favorite programs. We use "Startwrite 6" for creating worksheets for our Dyslexic students. The program is affordable and easy to use. We like to suggest Startwrite 6 to parents when we set up teaching programs for their Dyslexic children to give the parents an easy and quick way to make practice sheets for our teaching strategies. We highly recommend it to parents, teachers, tutors and anyone who needs to make worksheets for their students.

Startwrite has always made teaching easier, with personalized worksheets that engage children in the learning process. Nobody likes busy work. So Startwrite 6 is even more fun to use, with new learning tools, more powerful design options, Spanish language capability, and an endless supply of new resources.

Startwrite 6 includes lots of features designed to help each child practice strokes and shapes –the building blocks of handwriting. Plus, it's bilingual!

Start Dot: The Start Dot shows your student where to begin each letter. Use the Start Dot in combination with other features to create all kinds of exciting worksheets.

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