Teaching the Dyslexic Student Spelling and Language Arts (SoftCover & eBook)

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IMPROVE YOUR DYSLEXIC STUDENT’S SPELLING PROBLEMS WITH EASY TO USE PRACTICE TECHNIQUES! This is one of our parent’s and teacher’s favorite books! It is a simple introduction to helping the dyslexic student improve their spelling and language arts skills. Lots of ideas! Lots of exercises to practice! We created “Dyslexia: Spelling” to be used as a simple introduction to our teaching methods. It is a great help for parents and teachers frustrated with their kids never being able to do well with their spelling and writing in school. Highly effective with rapid results this book explains how to teach dyslexic students to spell using their right-brained learning style. It has lots of easy exercises on how to study and memorize spelling words as well as many of the basic language skills related to writing composition. It provides easy-to-follow teaching suggestions for parents and teachers. It is available in both hard-copy and E-book pdf formats.


PART ONE: Dyslexia Victoria Online Approach to Teaching the Dyslexic

  • Thinking in Whole Concrete Images
  • Distinguishing the Parts
  • Whole Concepts, Not Partial Explanations
  • Working with the Abstract
  • Why Sequencing is Difficult
  • Comprehension and Inductive Reasoning
  • Multi-dimensional Analysis

PART TWO: Learning Differences and Problems of the Right Brain

  • Learning Differences between the Left and Right Brain Learning Styles of the Right Brain: Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic
  • Learning Problems - Check List

PART THREE: Teaching the Right Brain to Spell

  • Five Steps to Learning
  • Skills and Teaching Methods:
       1. Decoding Words
       2. Learning to Spell in Word Images
       3. Transposing the Abstract into the Concrete
       4. Using the Three Learning Senses
       5. Sequencing Letters in Words
       6. Breaking Words into Syllables
       7. Pronouncing Words
       9. Problems with Phonics
     10. Review of How the Right Brain Spells
     11. Spelling Methods Summarized

PART FOUR: The Spelling Notebook

  • How to use the Spelling Notebook
  • The Right Hand Page
  • The Left Hand Page

PART FIVE: Correcting Common Spelling Errors

  • Letters are Abstract
  • Reversals and Mirror Reading
       1. Causes of Reversals and Mirror Reading
       2. Teaching Solutions for Reversals
       3. Forced Reversing
       4. Using Color to Correct Reversals
  • Common Spelling Errors in Using Letters
       1. Confusing Letters in Words
       2. Auditory Spelling Problems
       3. Confuses Letters by Shape

PART SIX: Spelling Skills    1. Memorizing words
   2. Meaning of words
   3. Roots
   4. Word Stems
   5. Parts of speech
   6. Nouns
   7. Noun Plurals
   8. Possessive Nouns
   9. Pronouns
  10. Regular Verbs and Verb Tenses
  11. Irregular Verbs
  12. Adjectives
  13. Comparative Adjectives
  14. Adverbs
  15. Prepositions
  16. Conjunctions
  17. Interjections
  18. Compound words
  19. Contractions
  20. Syllables
  21. Prefixes
  22. Suffixes
  23. Homonyms
  24. Word families
  25. Silent letters
  26. Phonics
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