Dyslexia: How A Right Brained Learning Style can be a Strength

yhst-55030780566641-2268-6836025.jpegIn most of our developing countries we teach learning skills that are easily processed by the left hemisphere of the brain. These skills make it easier for students to process the very abstract symbols of mathematics and written languages. However these skills are inappropriate for students who mostly use the right side of the brain to process information. What many teachers and school officials see as learning disabilities or dysfunctions of the brain are actually learning differences in how the right brain interprets and processes information. But it is these very learning differences that can be used as very powerful tools and personal strengths in all aspects of a right-brained person’s life.

It is this ability to see concepts in terms of "whole images" that allow these students to see “the forest before the trees”. In other words they solve problems and come up with new perspectives by seeing first what an idea, process, or project is in its entirety and then pick out the individual parts and its relation to the overall view. When they see all of these parts and their purposes in connection to the “whole picture” they can expand, add or fix anything. This can be applied to any situation including running a business, working with construction, discovering new inventions, marketing new and improved products, developing time management solutions, working in entertainment fields, producing artistic and architectural concepts and movements, creating scientific and medical breakthroughs and developing self-improvement programs.

People who predominantly use the right side of the brain to process information also have many unique and powerful analytical skills. Many successful and dyslexic people are famous inventors, managers, CEOs, entertainers, artists, mathematicians, philosophers, outstanding athletes, scientists, and sports figures. Three such people were Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Thomas Edison. These are the people who are able to use their creativity, curiosity, empathy, intuition, problem-solving, multi-tasking skills, to name a few, to think and process from a whole image point of view. They effortlessly see the “big picture” and consequently produce many ideas and solutions for any project. These gifted individuals are truly able to think “outside the box”! Without the right-brained thinkers we would not have outstanding geniuses in our populations.



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